Meera Devidayal

Born in 1947, Kolkata. She completed her graduation in English Literature from Loreto Convent, Kolkata in 1966. She preferred to study art privately since in those days, art education was not an attractive proposition. Her formal training in Fine Art was only in 1969 after she married and came to Mumbai. She studied at the Sir J.J. School of Art for three years, and then switched to a part-time course. 

What sets Meera Devidayal apart from her contemporaries is her abundant use of popular symbols from everyday life and iconography in her work. She is intent on making a statement, albeit a subtle one, and prefers to leave it to the viewer's discretion and perception to interpret it. Painting to her is a means of self-exploration, questioning her own dogmas and beliefs as well as a means of bringing out the ironies in our immediate surroundings. Color, texture and tone are of importance for this artist; yet the pictures are not merely ornamental. They may be read at many levels and are intended to disturb you. Meera Devidayal believes that there need not be one particular message or meaning in a work. Perhaps a picture should evoke diverse emotion in different people and be read on many distinct levels.
She lives and works in Mumbai.