Riyaz Samadhan

Riyaz Samadhan completed his B.F.A from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, 1992. He holds a credit of three solo shows and participation in several group shows.

Returning the sense of self-worth to the downtrodden is a noble act. Replacing the sense of completeness with craving is an act of commercialisation. A happy couple becomes happier with a certain brand of diamond. A doting and dedicated father becomes one who truly cares for his child when he buys her an expensive watch or gives her a card on her birthday, and a sprightly child becomes smart when he gets his parents to buy him a pair of trendy sneakers that his parents can barely afford. Wasn't the couple happy enough in each other's embrace? Didn't the father care enough for his daughter when he told her bedtime stories? Wasn't the child smart enough when he played one prank every second? These are some of the thoughts that play on the viewer’s mind on experiencing these touching subjects.

Samadhan lives and works in Mumbai.