Vivek Anand

Born in 1950, Mumbai, into an eminent family of creative filmmakers of Mumbai. He is the younger son of Chetan Anand, the eldest brother of Dev and Vijay Anand. His mother the writer, Uma Anand, comes from a line of distinguished educationists, scholars and writers. 

Vivek, after graduating with Honours from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, in 1970, went to get a degree through the London Polytechnic, U.K. in 1976, doing a definitive thesis on the world famous Dutch Director Bert Haanstra from Holland.
He is a photographer turned artist stirred by the city of Mumbai and its dichotomies.
His paintings are inspired by self-introspection and his keen desire to understand the complexity of the human psyche. Through his paintings, says Vivek, he has attempted to portray the forces that govern human emotions that influence and shape human lives. The artist uses a striking colour scheme with black, dark brown, reds, oranges and blues, which lend a contemporary look.
Vivek lives and works in Mumbai.