Garima JP Singh

Having held five exhibitions earlier in Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad and Kolkata, this is Garima’s sixth show. Garima’s paintings are a figurative construction of her perception of the feminine aspects of existence. Having done portraits and faces earlier, she moved on from painting gossiping women to a sensuous ‘Salma’ evoking a sublime sexuality to a lovelorn Meera and now, of late, she has moved on to painting Shakti. Her stay at Kolkata for a year has had its influence on her paintings as can be seen in her paintings on Kali and Durga. Garima’s paintings are an experiment in textures which are finely grained all over the canvas. She paints in a combination of Oil and Acrylic on canvas. In her paintings on Shakti, there is a distinct movement which catches the eye. However, in her journey to explore the various aspects of Shakti, she has also realized that Shakti is not only power, force or dynamism; it also evokes peace, serenity and comfort. This aspect can be seen in her paintings on Meera which are very calm in composition and the use of cool colours. The peace and sublime vibrations of chanting can be felt in these paintings as Garima keeps chanting throughout the process of painting.