Rm. Palaniappan

Rm. Palaniappan: Born in 1957 in Tamil Nadu. An alumnus of the College of Art & Crafts, Chennai, with a Post Diploma, he was in charge of the graphics workshop at the Regional Centre of Lalit Kala Academi, Chennai. The symbols of physical reality in his earlier work slowly evolved beyond material forms. He has worked with shapes, free lines and linear-geometrical forms to find out the relationship of motion with different shapes. Previously unchartered areas of reality are now very much a part of human language.
He has held a number of solo shows in India, and abroad. He was awarded the National Award in 1996 and the Bharat Bhavan Print Biennale award. His works are with the British Museum, London, US Library of Congress, NGMA and LKA, New Delhi, among many others. Palaniappan is primarily a printmaker; he is also an excellent photographer, and has worked very successfully with digital and computer imagery.
He lives and works in Chennai, India.
Date Of Birth
3rd June, 1957 (Devakottai, Tamil Nadu)

·  1980 Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting)
·  1981 Post Diploma in Industrial Design (Ceramics)
Both courses from the Government College of Arts &Crafts, Chennai (Madras) 1996
·  1993-96 Senior Fellowship-Government of India
·  1996 Artist for Residency at Ruskin School, Oxford University, Oxford, under Charles Wallace (India) Trust; Grants.

Solo Exhibitions
·  2006, 07 ‘Chasing the Reality’ by Apparao Gallery at Mumbai, Chennai
·  2001 ‘Reverse Reality’, Gallery Sumukha Bangalore
·  2001 ‘New Berlin - on process’, by Apparao Galleries at Chennai Mumbai and New Delhi
·  1996 Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Arts, Oxford, U.K.
·  1995 Art Heritage, New Delhi
·  1993 Triangle Gallery, Dayton, India Foundation, Union Art Gallery, Kansas Manhattan and Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, USA
·  1992 Gallerie Den Haag, Den Haag, The Netherlands
·  1991 Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay
·  1990 Art Heritage, New Delhi
·  1988 ‘Time-Space’, Sakshi Gallery, Madras
·  1987 Museum of Contemporary Art, Utrecht, Holland
·  1984 Art Heritage, New Delhi
·  1979 Lalit Kala Akademi, Madras
Recent Group Exhibitions
·  2007 ‘Art in Itself- How India’s South Engages’, by Akar Prakar, Kolkata.
·  2006 ‘Take Two- the Chennai Chapter’, by Gallery Sumukha Chennai, Chennai
·  2006 ‘The Southern Alternative ’, exhibition organized by Artists Circle, Kotlkata
·  2006 ‘Sublime’, three man show with Prabakar Kolte and John Tun Sein, by Apparao Gallery at Chennai.
·  2006 ‘Titled: untitled, an exhibition of contemporary art from India at Museum of International Contemporary Art, Singapore by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
·  2006 Indian contemporary art, by Art Mill, Mumbai at Berkeley Square Gallery, London.
·  2006 ‘A Feast of Indian Art’, The Quilon, London by Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore
·  2006 ‘A Work of Art - A Work on Paper’ by Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai
·  2006 ‘17th Anniversary Show’, Gallerie Ganesha, and New Delhi
·  2006 ‘Entrusted’, 25 art Scholars of Charles Wallace India Trust art by 2006 British Council at New Delhi
·  2006 ‘Cardinal Layers; contrasting Aspects’ by Apparao Gallery, Chennai at New Delhi
·  2006 ‘The Art Edge’, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi
·  2006 ‘Linear Configurations’ by Art n Soul, New Delhi
·  2005 ‘Contemporary Forms’, CIMA Annual Exhibition, CIMA Gallery, Kolkata
·  2005 ‘Leo’, ‘Written Words and ‘The passion of Paper’ by Apparao Galleries, Chennai and New Delhi.
·  2005 ‘Kri…’, in the creative express, by Prakrit Arts Chennai at Hongkong Visual Arts Centre, Hong Kong
·  2005 ‘Arad International Biennale, Romania Curated by Yusuf Arakkal
·  2005 ‘Southern Axis’, -contemporary art of Southern India by Prakrit Arts, Chennai.
·  2005 ‘New Colours of Sumukha’ by Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore.
·  2004 ‘Palate / Palette Passion, by Apparao Galleries, Chennai, New Delhi.
·  ‘Identities’ in contemporary Indian Art, by Shristi Art Gallery, Hyderabad.
·  ‘Swarnarekha’,the Golden Jubilee celebration exhibition by Lalit Kala Akademi, NewDelhi with the Awardees of National exhibitions and Indian Triennale
Honours & Awards

·  2003 Visitorship programme invitation by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of Australia
·  1999Goethe-Institute, Munich Visitorship programme, appointment withcurators and Directors of Museums at eleven major cities in Germany
·  1995 Commissioner for III Bharat Bhavan International Biennial of Prints 1995, Bhopal
·  1994-98 & 90-92 Advisory Member, Roopankar, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal
·  1993 Fulbright travel Grant to go to the United Statesfor teaching and professional assignments at Art Academy of Cincinnati,Tamarind Institute & University of New Mexico, Albuquerque: Kansas State University, Manhattan-Kansas, Mark Patsfal Graphics, Cincinnati; Indiana University, Bloomington (invitation from the above institutions)
·  1990 USIA International Visitorship programme awarded by USIA
·  1989 Merit Mention Award - I International Bharat Bhavan Prints Biennial, Bhopal
·  1986 National Academy Award, New Delhi
·  1985 President of India’s Silver Plaque (for Fine Arts) from AIFACS, New Delhi