Date of Birth                                                               * 20th December 1965

Qualifications                                                             * Five Year National Diploma in Traditional  Mural      
                                                                                      Painting.Approved by Govt. of Kerala from Institute of                           
 Mural Painting Guruvayoor as First Batch student
                                                                                     (1989-1994), &3year K.G.T.E.Drawing & Painting      
SoloExhibitions                                                          *Cymroza Art Gallery Mumbai(2006)
                                                                                    * Kerala Lalitha Kala Akademy Trichur,Kerala.(2005)
                                                                                    * Right Lines Art Gallery Banglore(2004)
                                                                                    * Cymroza Art Gallery Mumbai(2003)
                                                                                    * Prithvi Gallery Mumbai(2001)
Group Exhibitions                                                    
                                                                                    *SITA-bhoomiputri-2007-08 A mobile Exhibition of 9 artists
                                                                                      under *Gallery 360 Trivandrum,Banglore,.cochin kerala .
                                                                                   *Mother Tongue:Vision from the south.(4 south Indian artist
                                                                                       Group show ,.at Visual art gallery. in Delhi 2007)
                                                                                    *Art Invest ment’ A selection of contemporary Indian Art
                                                                                     conducted by Ashvita&vismaya gallery,2007,Chennai.
                                                                                    * “Water for life”: A National Group Exhibition by SCSA at                                                                                        Cymroza Art Gallery Mumbai(2006)
                                                                                    * Two Artists Exhibition (under Keli Festival)at Prithvi
                                                                                       Gallery Mumbai (December 2005)
                                                                                    * Group Exhibition in Newyork(2002)
* Group Exhibition of four artists conducted by
                                                                                       Nandalala Seva Samithi Chennai (1996) &USA(1998)
* Thousand Colors Art Gallery Trivandrum(1994)
* Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy Annual Exhibitions
* SAARC Festival Exhibition Trivandrum (1992)
* Ravi Varma Chitrolsavam Trivandrum(1993)
* National Contemperary , Traditional Folk and
   Tribal Exhibitions NewDelhi(1993)
Private Collections                                                      * A lot of large works have been doing for 
                                                                                       Sri.GuruRamakrishnan & family
                                                                                       in Newyork (since 2002)
                                                                                    * Sun Group Delhi
                                                                                    * R.R Group Chennai
* Zakhir Hussain (maestro:thabalist)Mumbai
* Fazal Khureshi( maestro:thabalist) Mumbai
* Pandit Ram Nrayanan(maestro;sitarist) Mumbai
* Chitra Visweswer (Dancer) Chennai
* Abu Jani Sandeep Khosle (Designers ) Mumbai.
* Mrs.Meera Singh (Hotel Imperial New Delhi)
* Dr.M.G.Pillai (Breach Candy Hospital Mumbai)  
                                                                                    * Dr.M.R.Girinath(Appollo hospital Chennai)
                                                                                    * Mr. V.Raman Chennai
                                                                                    * Mrs.Sumitha Kumar London
                                                                                    * Mrs.Seema Khanna New York
                                                                                    * Moreover, All over India, Australia, Thailand,
                                                                                       Botswana, Germany, Srilanka etc…          
                                                                                    * sri. Mohan Lal cine Actor
                                                                                    * smt. Dhaksha seth
                                                                                    * Miss. Isha Irvani                                                     
 Individual Works                                                       * State Museum gallery trivandrum,Kerala.
                                                                                    * K.T.D.C Muscut Hotel Trivandrum(1989)
                                                                                    * South Zone Cultural Centre-Tanjore(1991)
                                                                                    * Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy(1989,1992)
                                                                                    * SAARC Festival Exhibitions Trivandrum(1992)
                                                                                    * Ravi Varma Chithrolsavam Trivandrum(1993)
                                                                                    * Nandalala Seva Samithi Madras(1996)     
                                                                                    * Nandalala Seva Samithi USA(1998)
                                                                                    * Thousand Colours Art Gallery Trivandrum(1994)
                                                                                    * National Contemperary, Traditional Folk & Tribal
* Prithvi house Janki Kutir Mumbai(2001)
* Musium and Zoo Dept. of Kerala,T.V.M(2006)
                                                                                    * Around 400 sq.fts Biblical theams done on walls& ceilings
                                                                                       at St:Xaviours Church ,Vijayapuram,Cheroor,Trichur
                                                                                    * Around 3000 sq.fts.traditional mural painting renovation &     
                                                                                                   Restoration work at Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple
                                                                                    * Mukund Mills at Mumbai(1996)
                                                                                    * SHAA House Janki Kutir Mumbai(1996)
                                                                                       (around 150 sq.fts.mural paintings on walls
                                                                                       under Rajiv Sethi’s project)
                                                                                    * Hotel Imperial Delux(Heritage) Pvt Ltd.New Delhi
                                                                                       (1997-98)(around 2500 sq.fts. mural paintings on
                                                                                       entire wall & ceilings under Rajiv Sethi’s project
                                                                                    * Lakshmy Corporate Office Coimbatore TamilNadu(1998)
                                                                                       (around 250 sq.fts. mural paintings on walls under
                                                                                       Rajiv Sethi’s project)
                                                                                    * Hotel Arya Nivas Trivandrum(40 sq.fts.)(1998)
                                                                                    * Choice Heights Trivandrum(45sq.fts.)(1998)
                                                                                    * Sri.Jagadish’s House(Cine Artist) Trivandrum
                                                                                        (48 sq.fts.)(1999)
                                                                                    * Techno Park(Kerala Govt.)Trivandrum(72 sq.fts)(1999)
                                                                                    * Dr.Jayaram Vardaraj Farm House Coimbatore(450 sq.fts)
                                                                                    * Rajshree Pathi’s Farm house Coimbatore(around 450sq.fts.
                                                                                       mural painting on walls including ceilings) (2000)
                                                                                    * Gold Park Jewellary Kallambalam Trivandrum(around
                                                                                       190sq.fts. ceilings mural under Chandramohan Architect
                                                                                    * Prithvi house Mumbai(around 22 sq.fts.mural painting
                                                                                      on pillar)
Camp Attended by Invitaion                                      *State mural camp conducted by MKNF kerala.2006
*State Mural Artist Camp 2006 at Trivandrum
  conducted by Kumaranashan Smaragam Thonakkal,
* State Mural Artist Camp 2006 at Trivandrum organized by
   Department of Musium and Zoo        
                                                                                    * Traditional Mural Camp,Kerala.(under CGH earth.cochin.
                                                                                       Kerala 2005)
                                                                                    * K.T.D.C. Mural Camp at Veli(1990)
                                                                                    * South Zone Cultural Centre-Tanjore(1991)
                                                                                    * SAARC Festival Trivandrum(1992)
                                                                                    * South Indian Traditional Camp at Guruvayoor(1992)
                                                                                    * Thapasya.All India Art Exhibition&Camp Trivandrum
Illustrations & Cartoons                                              * Abhinetri(a study text of Kootiyattam by Usha Nangiar)
                                                                                    * SanathanaBhoomi(cultural magazine in Malayalam)
                                                                                    * BhakthaPriya(Guruvayoor Devaswam Spiritual &                 Cultural magazine in Malayalam)                                          
* A lot of Illustrations done for various Malayalam
   Periodicals (since 1983-90)
                                                                                    * Worked as chief illustration artist of children’s science
   Magazines in Malayalam published from calicut                                                       
                                                                                    * Kalaveekshanam (Social &Cultural Magazine in
                                                                                        Malayalam)(Since 2005)                                                                                           
Award                                                                         * All Kerala Creative Artists Association’s award for
                                                                                       Cartoon Creation (2001)