Seema Kohli


Under the sheet of sparkling stars in the silence of the night. I see myself pondering over my thoughts that have the intensity of form. They pour out easily as paintings, which I have presented. They are the woven threads of joy, ecstasy and pain; every feeling, every smell, every visual, being an integral part of my subconscious. My mind being the canvas of my introspection, the thoughts are always random but there is definite continuation. I love and enjoy that continuation which evolves but is still static. Each and every person is merely an experience and i try to see myself in them. I see myself holding on to them and then baring them in language I Know – painting.
A. (HON.) Philosophy, Miranda House,
Delhi University, 1981
Diploma in Applied Arts (ITI), South Delhi Polytechnic, New Delhi, 1983
Worked in collaboration in Lithography with Mr.Devraj Dakoji, 2002
Worked in Bharat Bhawan, 2002-2004
Worked in Triveni Kala Sangam under Mr. Rameshwar Broota
- ‘Artscape’, Old World Hospitality curated by Sushma Bahl at Epicentre, Gurgoan
- ‘Aspirations’, Sahaj Snakalp, curated by Archana B Sapra at Epicentre, Gurgoan
- ‘Sakti - Women in the vanguard of Indian Art’, by Indian Art Circle
- Udayan Care, curated by Sushma Bahl
- ‘A tribute to Lalit Suri’, Charity Show, by NGO Savera
- ‘Rhythms of Illumination’ by Nitanjali Art Gallery at Grnad Hyatt Dubai
- ‘Resplendent Reveries’ at Grand Hyatt Dubai
- ‘Uninterrupted Journey’ by Nitanjali Art Gallery at ITC Grand Central Mumbai
- ‘Digressing Domains’ by Nitanjali Art Gallery, at Lalit Kala Akademi
- Gallery Collection at Art Heritage, New Delhi
- 'Devotion' by Art Positive at India Habitate Center
- Gallery Collection by Art Hertiage at Shridharani Gallery
- Seven Women Artists Show Bharat Bhawan.
- Polka - Different Strokes.
- Arushi Art Gallery, 'Delhi in Mumbai'.
- Art Positive - 'Mumbai Se' Contemproray Indian Art Show.
Devotion Art Positive at Visual Art Gallery
The Written word by Apparao Galleries Chennai
Journey Through Line Colour and Images, Krishna Gallery, LKA New Delhi
Anayas Art Gallery at Arpana Center Of Art and Literature
Arushi Arts Summer Show 2005 Shridhirani Art Gallery, New Delhi
Two Man Show of drawings by Arushi Arts at Triveni Gallery, New Delhi
Art Felt “The mixed bag” 100 years of CPI at Arpana Centre for Art & Literature Harvest by Arushi Arts Mumbai
The Picture Family Show at Apparao Galleries
 Colage 5 Women Artists Show at Art Cafe Launch, Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi Art for vision – Shankar Nathrayalya, LKG, New Delhi.
Badal Raag, Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal
Celebrating Women – 50 Women Artist Show – Chemistry of Colours, Matigarh, New Delhi.
Women on Women, New Delhi Fankar Group, Ravindra Bhavan, New Delhi
Fankar Group, Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore.
Absolute Art, Gurgaon, Haryana.  
“Harmony” Show 8, Nehru Centre, Mumbai
Art Show, Vyakt Art Gallery, New Delhi
Expression Of Art, Vyakt Gallery, New Delhi
Heart & Soul, PBC, New Delhi
“ABSOLUTE ART” Gurgaon, Haryana.
“Harvest 2002” Arushi Gallery, New Delhi
UNDCP holds a show at British Council Library, New Delhi
‘Daffodils’, Grand Hyatt, New Delhi
Karma Art Gallery, New Delhi
Russian Centre of Art Culture & Sports, New Delhi
“Stree Shakti” At Habiart, Habitat Centre, New Delhi  
“Miniature Magic” At Habiart, Habitat Centre New Delhi
“Reflections” At Swastika Gallery, New Delhi
“Lines & Images” At Swastika Gallery, New Delhi
“20 Women Artists” By Indo-Russian Academy of Fine Arts & Sports
  at Russian Centre, New Delhi
“Kaleidoscope” ISU Art Gallery, Singapore
“And Buddha Smiled Again” Masters Guild – Academy of A Fine Arts & Literature, New Delhi
‘Man in Nature’ Studio 55, ‘Sphote’ - Habiart, New Delhi,
‘Aparajita’ Vhai for Gujarat Earth Quake Habitat Centre, New Delhi
‘Group’ Sir Vincent Gallery, Bangalore
Gallery Freedom, ‘Aparijita’, New Delhi
‘Young Faces Of 2000’ Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Calcutta
‘Art Folio’ Chandigarh
‘Rainbow -1’ Art Today, New Delhi
‘Rainbow -2’ Art Today, New Delhi
‘Art Panorama’ At CPLA, New Delhi.
‘Art Junction’ Hotel Intercontinental New Delhi  
‘Sangraha’ Group Show at CPLA, New Delhi
Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Calcutta.
‘Summer Show’ At Art Today New Delhi.
ANZ Grindlays Bank, New Delhi. 1997: Sahitya Kala Parishad, Rabindra Bhawan, New Delhi.
28 Feb 2006, "The Golden Womb"-at Art Heritage
2004: “The Golden Womb” , Anayas Art Gallery, New Delhi.
2003: “ Random Introspection” The Grand New Delhi.
2002: “Random Introspection” Maurya Marriot, New Delhi“The Golden Womb”, Triveni Kala Sangam“The Golden Womb”, Triveni Kala Sangam
2001: “Hiranya Garbha” ISU Art Gallery, SingaporeArt India
2000: Gallery Theme, Gurgaon“Spirited Sprite” Triveni Gallery,Delhi.
1999: “Reflections” Latit Kala Academy, New Delhi“Black & White” At ANZ 
                Grindlays, New Delhi
1998:   “The Quest” AIFACS, New Delhi “Black & White” ANZ Grindlays, New Delhi.
CAMPS : Year 2003-2004-2006
Bharat Bhawan Print Maker Camp Bhopal, 2006Delhi Polytechnic, New Delhi, 1983
Lalitkala Academy, Garhi, New Delhi, Whelams Boys School, Dehradun
Venu Eye Institute, New Delhi.City Palace, Jaipur held by Art River, 100 Years
Kalka-Shimla Rail Track, Barog, Shimla by Nothern Railways & Art River.
15 Mar 2007 - Plan India at Hyatt Regency
17 Mar 2007 - Art Art Beyond Borders
05 May 2007 - Art for Freedom - London Summit ‘The Challenge of India'
Oct 27, 2007 - Khushi-Mumbai
2007 – Art for Freedom, Bonhams Auction
WORKSHOPS : Year 2002-2005
Wanderlust’, by Karma Art Gallery, South Ext, New Delhi.
Art Voila at Tivoli Garden, New Delhi
Joy of Colors by Capital Court.
‘UNDCP’, New Delhi
Seema Kohli