19th Nov 2008 - 29th Nov 2008

Andhra 5 - Group Show By Cymroza in association with Kalakriti Art Gallery

 Andhra 5  :  The dreamer, satirist, soother, eternal lover and the silent narrator


Chippa Sudhakar - Distant dreamer and his tales

 Rain and flowers, dreams and desires, pastures with idyllic goats- the journey within, reflects in these symbolic planes of a melancholic milieu. The outer chaos seeks a peaceful existence in which the artist traces tales of boyhood boats and adolescence amidst tender creepers. Traversing pensive pyramids that instill the landscape, a somber integration of man and his thought, flow with restrained calm and peace .Induced in postures of quietude and restful gentleness, these images, almost yogic in their postures weave a preoccupied state.


 Rajeshwara Rao - Circus of the hypocrite

The voyeur, the aspiring socialite, the vagabond, the real life actor plays farce idiocy, in the changing global cultural integrations, transitions and economic hype of a growing city. Hybrid roles spills, slop, overflow, as the artist spews out satire at the unease in which these roles are played in crazy absurdness. Gently prodding with a high dose of satire, delightful humour, enriched by accessories, costume, distorted expression, excel in this spillage of cultural displacement between east – west, rustic and  urban. The neo rich drama overflows in profusion, as the artist revels in the details of a novel world, with an outburst of energetic comedy filling the bright frames.


Surya Prakash - Captive in the leaf

 Where wind and leaf sway to harvest deeper philosophy, the landscape withdraws from its natural state into an impressionist sway, persuading a deeper philosophy. A thrust overpowers the momentum of strokes, betraying the leaf as particles of sand, droplets of water, engrossing energies that suffuse understated life forces. Each effort matures into a controlled profusion of internalised energies of life, as well as nature. The momentum of colours and strokes harmonises the artist with his work.


 Sisir Sahana - The Eternal  lover

Heartfelt, frozen in their stature with hidden embers these glass sculptures speak of an intimate interaction between man, woman, plant. The effervescent bubbles and streaks further the bonding, frozen in a timeless zone. These imagery open into a freer platform in Sisir’s digitized imagery of prints, as everlasting tales of love and longing.


 Srinivas Reddy - Silent voices  in the head

Reddy’s heads consent a meditative shape, reassigning their flow as infused tranquility.  The inscribed signage reforms its flow into serene, composed intensifying thought. The animal slithers ahead with the human head in these mediations. The line and curve of the forms reminisces a relaxed internalisation while innovations of painting symbolic forms of nature on these sculptures reconfirm a silent mode.


Dr. Avani Rao Gandra

Art critic



Chippa SudhakarRajeshwara RaoSurya PrakashSisir SahanaB Srinivas Reddy