24th Aug 2009 - 31st Aug 2009

The Inflection

Paritosh Pal


A philosophy major, Paritosh’s paintings are best described as a compelling visual play of his own inner quest as a painter and philosopher.


Though his basic style remains consistent, with the moon remaining an important symbol of calming beauty amidst strife, we can witness an important shift in his use of colours, form and creative grammar. 


The softness of the theme is marked by tantalizing bursts of color from within the artist's canvas. 


Paritosh’s choice of material portrays depth and vibrance. He has used mixed media on his canvases, and has chosen handmade paper for his work in acrylic. 


A growing use of abstraction too displays the awareness that life is fluid and best left to individual interpretation rather than to strong and possibly rigid artistic judgment.


The use of abstraction emerges as both an important inflection of intellectual discovery and creative inflection over visible influences of the Bengal school.


Paritosh is acutely aware of his journey both in physical and metaphysical terms, and over the years has vividly reflected change through his canvas. Marked by a distinctive and original style, he sets himself apart as a thinking artist who persistently challenges his own creative boundaries.