11th Feb 2014 - 22nd Feb 2014

Divine Sutra-Om Swami




I came across Om Swami's painting in 2011; met him in 2012 and have since been promoting his works.  I can safely say that the most singular aspect of his paintings is how well they connect with the viewers, whether they be Indian, American, Latin American or Asian. They may not know the cultural significance of a Ganesha or a Krishna; however his works establish a connect.  They attract, evoke and captivate.  And, when a painting speaks a language that is so universal, it cuts through the layers and connects with something deeper within us, it makes the painting truly special.  This is especially significant since I am based in an area that is renowned for its "left-brained" technology experts; however his work is the primary reason several engineers have bought art for the first time in their lives. To stir something deep inside and convert non-believers of art into buyers, is quite an accomplishment.


Having said that, to create magic 'outside', one needs to have magic 'inside'. How else does one create magic outside?  Om's magic is his undying faith – both in the higher being and in himself and at some level in life and humanity; add to this his steely resolve, determination, focus and undoubted talent. I was quite struck by how he takes his "Guru’s blessings" prior to starting each painting, by writing his name on the top left hand corner behind each canvas. His lovely wife, Manisha, has also played a key role in her unstinting support and strong belief in him.  All this has taken him where he is today.


In his forthcoming exhibition titled Divine Sutra, he has showcased various manifestations of divinity – Krishna with Radha, Shiva, Buddha and Ganesha.  

And, in doing so, he has preserved the core elements of  'Brand Om Swami'. The brand's properties are clearly evident here: bright, bold vibrant colors; the use of flute, flowers, butterflies and the moon in the background to create an ethereal, surreal feel, and most importantly the essence of the brand is palpable– a deep connect with the viewer, that holds and captivates them.


For both, skeptics and believers, his art provides a connection with the divine, at many levels.  Long may his work light up people's souls and their homes.


Sonia Patwardhan

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA