13th Apr 2015 - 18th Apr 2015

Unbelievable Glass

Adi Unwalla

Exhibition write-up


At this late age of 85 years, I feel a deep compulsion to exhibit my latest glasses pieces.  They are in the form of wall hangings.  These wall hangings may give you a false impression of being water-colours  – which they are Not!  They are one of a kind sculptures without a drop of paint.  Every bit of detail is in glass; cut, ground, formed and artistically assembled for fusing – a technically most difficult and unique piece of art glass.  See it and you will not believe it !

  • Adi Unwalla



Having entered our 44th year, Cymroza Art Gallery looks forward to unveiling Adi Unwalla’s masterpieces in glass.  Having no formal education or training in art, except for various glass forming techniques learnt perhaps rather a bit too late in life, Adi is determined to seek and innovate in order to pursue his passion with glass.   Neither advancing years nor stumbling health have lessened his resolve.  The city has changed and evolved dramatically; so have his techniques and masterpieces.   We look forward to his 3rd exhibition with greater enthusiasm and passion.  We are proud and humbled by his achievements !!

  • Cymroza Art Gallery



Adi Unwalla’s unique vision elevates glass art into a new realm of aesthetic exploration building on a timeless tradition.  It is rare to find an artist communicating his spiritual feelings through our most common of man-made material – glass.

- Paul Stankard, Corning Museum



Adi’s way of communicating with nature and movement in glass is most impressive.  His compositions are so alive with energy and at the same time they seem real with a sense of calm.  He has something that tends to transmit his sensibility in nature which in a way gives spirituality.

- Elio Quariso, Murano’s Maestro Vetraro Grand Master Glass Artist