20th Jul 2015 - 31st Jul 2015

Metamorphosis-Group Show


A group exhibition of paintings and sculptures by six eminent artists,

Sukumar K., Stalin Joseph, K.V.S. Prasad, Ramesh Thorat, Sumanto Chowdhury and Ashif Hossain at Cymroza Art Gallery from 20th to 31st July 2015, daily  from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (excluding Sundays).


Continuing a tradition of encounter and communion, Cymroza Art Gallery in association with Artequest Art Gallery, presents an exhibition of paintings, “Metamorphosis”, featuring select works by six celebrated artists; Sukumar K., Stalin Joseph, K.V.S. Prasad, Ramesh Thorat, Sumanto Chowdhury and Ashif Hossain who have come together to display their artistic endeavours exemplifying subtle nuances of vivid realms of life.  This joint venture is aimed at promoting the various facets of contemporary art through varied perceptions of fine arts. Metamorphosis with its uniqueness of varied artworks rendering positive energy will provide visual pleasure in relevant perspectives of fine arts.



Sukumar K hails from Andhra Pradesh.  Episodes from the epics are revived in his works.  The artist aptly treats the surface with equal importance by rendering minute details to it.  Thede is an innate lyrical and poetic quality in the works.  


Stalin Joseph also hails from Andhra Pradesh.  His work is dependent on design fundamentals, form, colour and composition; with simple forms evoking complex emotions. He spontaneously begins an art piece, with a process of layering, which then becomes more detailed as the end product surfaces.  He nurtures different forms and shapes during the process of development with dominant colour theory. 

K.V.S. Prasad hails from a small village in Andhra Pradesh.  His childhood village stories emerge in his painting.   After a prolonged struggle to compress the entire natural beauty into a small canvas, he chose symbolism. A village atmosphere was symbolised with a beautiful young lady; her blue colour indicating the sensitive and pleasant nature of an Indian village. A big circular red “bindu” on her forehead represented a contrasting element which grabs focus towards the Indian culture and tradition. All his paintings symbolise a relationship between the villagers and their daily interactions with plants, animals and birds. However all the human gestures shown in his paintings depict joyful movements - permanent and everlasting.


Ramesh Thorat hails from Pune.    He began his career in Mumbai drawing sketches for sets.  But a feeling of restlessness prevailed as his creativity was unsatisfied.  He moved back to Pune and began painting full-time.   His artworks portray folk traditions and customs prevalent in interior regions of Maharashtra in vibrant colours.  After attending a Jagaran Gondhal ceremony; a marriage of the eldest son of a family where a goat was sacrificed and the entire village shared in the festivity; Ramesh was inspired to create a series of paintings in charcoal and acrylic in semi-abstract form and named after this ceremony.  His paintings are forceful energy in themselves with rhythm and strong visual appeal.


Sumanto Chowdhury, a painter and sculptor, hails from Hyderabad.   His semi-realistic drawings are inspired by the nature and architecture of villages around Hyderabad. The trees however are an extension of his fantasy representing foliage in an otherwise arid land.  He also portrays urban and rural landscape, capturing the interplay of the inside-outside urban landscape where the chaos outside the window is in sync with the world inside the window. The artist uses colour pencils, pen, water colour, acrylic and mixed media to depict the urban landscape. The same method in the madness that is found in his urban structure gets a different interpretation when it comes to rural architecture. The artist's attention to detail right to the filigree work and the décor of the architecture shows his inspiration from Mughal miniature style.


 Ashif Hossain hails from Kolkata.  His paintings predominately dwell on life and Indian culture and its vibrant colours.  The idea of secularism inspires the artist and the same is reflected in his artworks. The metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata stimulate his creative thought process which translate to his paintings. Contrasting the modern with the past, inspiration is picked up from the everyday life – the infrastructure, the people and the busy chaotic lives of the cities. His works depict his thoughts on life and it’s past.  He also paints frames within his paintings depicting two lives; the past that is delineated through people and objects inside the frame and the present outside it. These frames lend an inventive feel to his sepia tinted works.  Using acrylic paint, primarily black, brown and white with hints of blue and red, Ashif paints to reveal unique shades on his canvas. Brown and black is used together to give an antique look whereas white enhances the painting by giving it an open space. Blues and reds add life to the painting by making the sepia/monochrome toned works more vibrant. Acrylic paint is used to create a watercolour effect on his canvases.


For the past 44 years Cymroza Art Gallery has provided a platform to artists to exhibit their artworks, be it paintings, photography, sculptures, prints or ceramics.    

Artequest Art Gallery, established in 2010, is one of the leading and forward-looking on-line galleries in India with a vision to promote talented upcoming artists through innovative and meaningful exhibitions and art fairs across the globe.