21st Mar 2018 - 24th Mar 2018

AMALGAMATION 4 : Group Show Curated by Aparimita Sapru


Aban Irani    Ankita Jain      Aparna Upadhyaya      Ayushi Jain      Deepak Deshmukh      Deepali Sarde      Dinesh Singh

Gallery Mriya Arts      Geetanjali Lahoti      Kalpana Dave      Kalyani Gulage      Madhavi Srivastava      Monali Pawaskar

Nirmala Pillai      Pradip Sarkar      Sangita Joshi      Seema Hedaoo      Shashikant Patade      Shrilekha Sikander

Stalin Joseph      Suresh Gulage      Swati Sabale      Vijay Yadav      Vinay Sane      Vinita Rupani


Curator's Note

It is my privilege to present the hues of vivid artwork created by artists with diverse cultural vignettes and social backgrounds from different regions of our country on a common platform.It is the intense desire of every participant to showcase works bearing testimony to his/her style, creative instinct and talent. The paintings and sculptures displayed in this unique show have been created in  realistic, semi- realistic and  abstract styles in varied mediums and techniques.

It is indeed a rare opportunity for all art lovers, connoisseurs and art patrons as well as collectors to enjoy and get enlightened by the exquisite multifaceted works displayed in the show.

I look forward to an over whelming and appreciative response that will certainly encourage and motivate all participants in their future art journey.



It's about a discovery of ourselves and our surroundings. The changing socio- economic and cultural dynamics of society is reflected in art, which breaks stereotypes of the times to bring about a revolution in the way art is perceived and appreciated. It's an ongoing process and is reflective of the society of the time.

Promoting new thoughts and ideas is thus the foundation of the emergence of new styles , techniques and genres of good art.

Amalgation4  provides a platform wherein such talent comes together. The artists also get an opportunity to see and appreciate other styles of work, discuss and mingle with other artists and share their experiences and journeys. 

Each art work is unique and brings it's own flavour to the show. The passion and dedication of the artists is reflected in the art works.  The show is a beautiful mix of the modern and the traditional and thus satisfies  the art lover's creative palette. 


Note of Thanks

A special thank you to Cymroza Art Gallery for facilitating the promotion of Amalgamation 4.